Dear Blog….

July 16, 2009

I am terribly sorry for neglecting you.  I know I promised to write…but lately I am consumed with life…summer life.  Swim lessons, out-of-town trips, BBQ’s, playdates, late-night backyard fun, etc.  Not to mention how far behind I am in editing photos (and designing an album for a *special* someone).   I am crazy {happy} busy these days…which is fine by me because I am a project girl at heart.  I love having my plate piled high with things to do.  A self-professed workaholic of sorts.  It’s easy…when you love what you do!  I will forewarn you though, I will be MIA for a couple days again…I heading out of town for my birthday on Friday.  Lots of fun, fun SURPRISE plans in store.  I have no idea what Todd has planned for me…but I LOVE surprises to be sure! 

I’ll share a cutie with you….here you go Tracey…


*Miss H* is an absolute doll.  Check out that smile– melts my heart!

And a few pics of my own cuties (working on new market material)…my camera begs to take their pictures so you’ll have to bear with me…




Chase is growing up soooo fast.  He is starting to look like such a big boy in photographs.  His baby fat is long gone…replaced by his *ever growing*  lanky limbs; a wicked sweet smile of a brother who loves lives to agitate his little sisters, and not to mention the negotiator of the family– takes after his dad to be sure!  Everything is to be negotiated…cleaning his room has a price– an orange lollipop, picking up toys, micromanaging his sisters…it’s negotiable.  Apparently, he has a contract that I am unaware of…time to re-negotiated that *mystery* contract of his!   He’s a sweet angel that I am thankful for everyday….even if he is a stinker!

Happy Thursday…

**Photogs…I’ll post my weekly freebie either later today or tomorrow before I head out.  Check back.