Deception is *divine*…

July 8, 2009

ok, so i think  know i have the worlds pickiest eaters…really!  i challenge anyone (i really hope that i would lose)!  my kids hate all things green, leafy (resembling trees or any other backyard find) basically anything healthy is *off* limits.  it’s really quite sad….they would live off of yogurt, cheese sticks and mac-n-cheese.  see my dilemma?  i recently came across jessica seinfeld’s cookbook, deceptively delicious (total steal at TJ Maxx for $6.99).  i love how sneaky she is when it comes to veggies and treats.  she actually adds cauliflower puree to brownie mix (i kid you not).  i think i can be sly, stealthy, even cunning when it comes to getting my kids to get some healthy veggies into their diet.  hopefully it tastes better than it sounds!  wish me luck….

moving on to some funnnnnn stuff…..i have been feeling very creative lately!  it rained almost all day today.  i had plenty of time to {create}!   rainy days make it easy for me to fulfill my weekly share!



This storyboard is a fully customizable 11×14 template.  I hope you like it….it is set on a white background.  I {LOVE} it….so modern and fun!  You can download it here for seven days.  Enjoy!  Off to get my girlies to bed!


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