July 3, 2009

It’s already been a long productive day for me and it’s still morning!  I read all my blogs…like I do everyone morning– there is nothing like jolt of inspiration to start your day!  Tackled the laundry (as if anyone can really conquer this feat with 3 kiddos!) And…I was thinking it’s time to update some of my own wall art!  I need something simple, yet stylish to replace the dated pictures of Chase and Mady.  So, I hit PS bright and early and designed:




Simple and stylish, right?  I think they will look fab next to the Ella’s storyboard.  I am not quite ready to update Ella’s…I am dreading packing away Ella’s baby pictures.  She’s the baby of the family, and I want to hold on to her baby status as long as I can.  *Sniffle* it goes by way too fast as it is….

I am all about sharing!  It’s my way of paying it foward– I feel the need to do this because so many photogs out there were sharing their work with me when I first started out!  Besides, there is nothing greater than small acts of kindness.  If everyone did this, the world would be such a better place.  With 3 kids– I wish the world to be a better place for them.  *SigH*  Just doing my part– leading by example.   I am planning on posting  freebies on here– aiming for weekly freebies, so hold me to it!

The download link will expire after 7 days:


Enjoy!  It’s a fully customizable, 11×14 template;  I condensed both versions into one layered file.  It would make a stylish album page template too….just a thought.  Happy Friday….have a  great 4th of July…be safe…have fun!



One Response to “{Giving}”

  1. Joan Zeller said

    thank you so much

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