Good things come in 3s!

July 2, 2009

It’s my birthday month…YAY!!! Yes, I celebrate the whole month of July…much to the dismay of my husband! 🙂 I love having a July birthday…it’s *summer*, 4th of July and I still have a couple months of warm weather to look forward to.  I just hope this bad habit of mine doesn’t pass down to my three kids…might get expensive! I have learned that it is way better to give than receive. In celebration of my birthday month, I will be offering 20% off my session fee for sessions booked in the month of July. And, it gets better….if you and 2 friends book a session in the month of July, you all (yep, all 3 of you) will get 20% off your prints as well. So, tell your friends!!! 🙂

Wanna know what I got for my birthday (see, I told ya…the whole month is mine)? I found this on my doorstep this afternoon. I have been wanting one for quite awhile, and I just learned that they were having a sale — most notably on the design that I have been craving!  It was divine intervention really….I was meant to have this. Thanks, Todd! xoxo

What good is a post without eye candy? Here ya go….



















Oh, and photog friends…I will have something for you!  Check back next week for my *gift* to you!  Happy Thursday!


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